Very few writers are able to survive just from writing. In these tough economic times,
writers even need support to get their books published. If you would like to reach out
and support the work that I do I would be grateful.

During the Covid-19 quarantine I was fortunate to have ended up on the Baltic Sea coast in the small town of Juodkrantė. There really was nothing more for me to do than to take long walks in the forest or along the coastline and work on my dissertation.

However, I felt that I would like to write a quarantine diary in which I would do my best
to live up to two challenges. The first challenge was to be completely honest and
authentic with myself, and the second was to write in Lithuanian, a language that I am
fluent in, but not my literary language. I write my books in English. I felt that perhaps
my diary could help others who were also in quarantine and that together we could work through our fears, uncertainties about the future, our anxieties for loved ones.

I resolved to write for forty days. Those forty days became a type of life review. I soon
realized that I was not alone in my process. A large following of Lithuanian readers in
four different time zones—Eastern Europe, East Coast United States, West Coast United States, and Asia, began to follow my diary entries every day and to write and respond to me through comments or personally through Messenger. Often these readers shared their own deepest thoughts. Since my final diary entry was published, so many people have reached out to me and asked me if I would be willing to publish my quarantine diary as a book. Yes, I’ve finally resolved, I’ll do it. However, because of the economic crisis I have no choice but to collect funds to help the Lithuanian publisher cover the cost of publication. I am now reaching out to you for your support.

If you donate $25 or more, I will mail you a copy of Karantino dienoraštis (The Quarantine Diary) hot off the press with my signature and my sincerest thanks.

The first publication of my Quarantine Diary will be in the Lithuanian language. The
second publication will be in English.

So many Facebook friends and readers were supportive of my daily diary entries,
encouraging me to keep writing and digging deeper into my soul. I thank you all in
advance for your generous support!


Laima Vince


Palaikykite Karantino dienoraščio leidybą

40 dienų karantine Juodkrantėje galėjo likti tik ilgais pasivaikščiojimais prie vandens, miške, laiku, skirtu knygoms ir disertacijos rašymui. Tačiau kasdien aš dar rašiau ir dienoraštį: savo draugams, artimiesiems, kolegoms, studentams, nepažįstamiems žmonėms. Keturiasdešimt dienų dalinausi savo jausmais, prisiminimas, mintimis. Po kurio laiko pastebėjau, kad žmonės laukia mano tekstų, kad jiems arba artima, ką rašau, arba įdomu, nes kitaip jaučiasi ar išgyvena. Maniau, kad tie dienoraščiai taip ir liks Facebook platformoje kaip to laiko atspindžiai, jei ne... skaitytojai. Pradėjau gauti laiškus su raginimais išleisti karantino dienoraščius knyga. Kurį laiką svarsčiau, ir galutinai apsisprendžiau: reikia! Vienas stabdis, kad negaliu to padaryti be jūsų pagalbos, todėl skelbiu šią lėšų KARANTINO DIENORAŠČIŲ leidybai skirtą kampaniją, kuri truks tie pat dienų, kiek jie buvo rašomi – 40.

Iš anksto dėkinga skiriantiems pinigų ir/ar pasidalinusiems mano žinute.

Tie, kurie paaukos 25 USD ar daugiau, knygą gaus dovanų su geriausiais mano linkėjimais.